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Serious gains ISO 9001 accreditation

Last year we collected an IPA Effectiveness Award.
This year we bagged an ISO 9001* accreditation.
And it’s only February.
So we must be doing SOMETHING right…

ISO 9001 is very big news to a creative agency.
For one, there aren’t many agencies out there with ISO 9001.
For two, it means you can RELAX.
Your projects are in SAFE HANDS.
Our processes have been given a top-to-toe inspection.
By important people from the British Standards Institute.

It doesn’t stop us from being CREATIVE.
In fact, it frees us to focus on what we do best.
Dreaming up and delivering the very best THINKING, within BUDGET and TIMEFRAMES.
The ISO people call it Quality Management.
We call it Doing The Right Thing. Always. Forever. And a Day.

So now you get the BEST of both worlds.
Fabulous ideas from highly ordered, O.C.D. clean freaks.
How lovely is that?

*About ISO9001:2008
Every organisation would like to improve the way it operates, whether that means increasing market share, driving down costs, managing risk more effectively or improving customer satisfaction. A quality management system gives you the framework you need to monitor and improve performance in any area you choose.

ISO 9001 is by far the world’s most established quality framework, currently being used by over ¾ million organisations in 161 countries, and sets the standard not only for quality management systems, but management systems in general.

It helps all kinds of organisations to succeed through improved customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.

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One Response to "Serious gains ISO 9001 accreditation"

  1. Congratulation for Serious . Now this time every firm wants to take quality management standards

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